Come & Try

From spring through to late summer

We run regular Come and Try sessions!

On arrival at the club you’ll be registered and given a safety briefing, usually performed by the club’s health and safety officer. All Participants must be able to swim 50 meters.

Next you’ll be fitted for a buoyancy aid and a set of paddles, then shown the kayak you’ll be using and given a brief overview of how it works. The kayak will then be set up to fit you which involves moving the seat and/or the footplate to ensure you’re comfortable.

You’ll then be taken to the water and helped into the kayak and a member of the club will be assigned to give you guidance on the water, so you’ll have one to one tuition. Depending on how busy the session is you should have around 10 minutes in the boat.

The kayaks we use at these sessions are designed for touring but capable of racing. They will feel unstable and there is a risk of falling in, at the time of year we run the sessions the water’s not too cold and the canal’s not too deep. There will be canoes on hand to help and plenty of club members on the towpath to assist.

You’ll need to bring a change of clothes in case you do fall in, and a towel and you’re welcome to use the shower facilities after your session. Paddlers under 16 will need to be accompanied by an adult

Please wear clothing suitable for sporting activity, jeans will restrict movement and be uncomfortable in the boat. Footwear is recommended, but bear in mind it will get wet, so spare shoes are recommended. The minimum we’d ask is for socks to be worn.

2022 dates 

Come and Try

  • June 25th
  • July 24th
Beginner Courses
  • May 28th
  • July 30th
  • August 4th

If you’d like any more information before booking a session please email

The sessions are open to all although we regret we are not currently equipped to provide activities for wheelchair users.