The club participates in both marathon and sprint events, and training is planned to facilitate members taking part in both. Racing is fully inclusive, races are structured such that every virtually every paddler will be capable of racing within months of taking up the sport. Races can be entered solo (K1 or C1), or with a partner (K2 or C2). There are also K4 races, though these are less frequent.


The club is in the eastern region for the nationwide ‘Hasler’ series named in honour of Herbert George “Blondie” Hasler DSO, OBE. Currently the top four clubs from our region qualify for the Hasler finals competing against the best clubs from around the country, and at the last finals we finished as the ninth highest ranking club in the UK.

Hasler races are divided into nine divisions, with Division 9 being the entry level. Races are mixed so men will be racing against the ladies. Distances are progressively longer through the divisions:

Divisions 7-9 race over four miles, usually with no portages
Divisions 4-6 race over eight miles, usually with around 2-4 portages
Divisions 1-3 race over twelve miles, usually with around 4-6 portages

In August the club also competes in the National Marathon Championships. These are raced by age rather than by abaility so it’s an opportunity to race against some of the best paddlers in the country in your age category.

Beyond these races the club regulary has entants in the Devizes to Westminster race, held at Easter over 125 miles, and the races building up to this including the Waterside Series and Thameside Races. If the DW is of interest there are plenty of paddlers and coaches with experince of the race who can help you to prepare for it.